Wishing to learn German or improve your German?

Are you in or around Aschaffenburg or its vicinity over the summer?

Are you an exchange student, tourist, visitor, expatriate or professional wishing to learn German or to improve your German?

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences has got the right intensive German course for you: In August 2018, the university offers 4-week intensive German courses jointly organised by the university’s Career Service und Language Centre, thus guaranteeing a high level of business-oriented and didactic standards: The university’s German teachers are experienced professionals with academic qualifications at university level.

Depending on your prior knowledge, you can choose from intensive German courses ranging from the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels A1-B2 (depending on demand); before registration, please take the online placement test on www.sprachtest.de/einstufungstest-deutsch to determine your level.

The courses are no integration courses, but language courses with some level-specific input on German culture.

All courses include 64 teaching hours, i.e. four 45-minute lessons per teaching day. Teaching days are from Monday to Thursday, reserving Fridays for self-study, work, private travels and relaxation. Classes are from 3:30 pm to 6:45 pm including one 15-minute break. A final exam assessing participants’ progress is held on the penultimate day of the course, with the very last day being reserved for a special highlight: In order to round off the course and to allow participants to learn even more about German culture, the German way of life, the city of Aschaffenburg and its surroundings in the Rhine-Main area, the teachers take participants on field trips and visits to nearby companies, institutions and/or events.

To ensure a familiar and efficient learning atmosphere, the maximum number of participants per course is 15; the minimum number of participants is 10.

Course fees range from € 299.00 (for exchange students providing proof of matriculation) to € 349.00 (for non-students). A small additional fee will be charged for the course book.

Additional info for exchange students
Additional info for non-students (e.g. tourists, visitors, expatriates or professionals)


Further Information and Registration
Language Centre, Aschaffenburg UAS
Email: language-centreh-abde

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