Project work

Development Project of a Tricycle This Project is training student’s competences in the field of product development. It’s including selection of target customer group and trike concept also marketing and sales analysis.    
Intercultural Aspects and Communication in Marketing a Tricycle in Different Countries The project is about intercultural aspects and communication while marketing the product which will be created by the group “Product Development Project of a Tricycle”.    
Intercultural Conflicts in International Organisations What are the main factors of cultural business characteristics, cultural dimensions; intercultural communication problems and frictions that arise during daily interactions with members of other cultures with special regard on Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe    
Your heart and brain in making business decisions When we make decisions our brain and our emotions are starting a battle. Which one should win? During the course we will discuss the influence of both on marketing, business, social and public decisions.    
Negotiating in multicultural environments – Case Study EU This workshop offers a practical approach and insight into the complexity and institutional power dynamics of the European Union and the importance of cross-cultural negotiation skills. Unlike other courses on International Negotiation the focus here is not on international negotiation theory or techniques but rather the practical stance adopted for and characteristic in the formal setting of EU decision making, drawing on different disciplines (international relations, EU Studies, EU law and economics).    
Actual Issues of Islamic Finance The aim of the course: to teach students main features and problems of Islamic Finance: - Islamic Finance place in modern financial system (conventional finance, corporate finance, islamic finance and digital finance) - Fundamentals of Islamic Finance - The absent of Shariah-compliant money system - The problem of Islamic Banks liquidity management (the conventional way is not sharia complain) - The problem of Stock Exchange trading (speculation is prohibited in Islam) - The problem of investment decision making (DCF model includes an interest rate) - Prospects of Islamic Finance (competition with Internet Finance)