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The Knowledge Transfer area collaborates closely with the Information Management Institute (IMI) at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences on applied research and knowledge transfer projects in the field of information management. Knowledge transfer adopts the approach of addressing the so-called rigour-relevance dilemma in the philosophy of science: the aim is to search consistently and pragmatically for results which can be applied in practice ('means-ends relations'). The results of research then go into academic teaching so as to do greater justice to the aim of practice-oriented instruction.

There are currently two projects in the Knowledge Transfer area which are co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Bavarian Ministry of Science, each for a period of three years. In October 2011 the ESF project mainproject started at ZeWiS, focusing on knowledge transfer relating to methods of process optimisation, total productive management and service management for small and medium-sized companies in the Lower Main region of Bavaria.

The ESF project KontAkS got under way as long ago as October 2009 and focuses on acceptance investigations and potential analyses of IT products and services in such areas as electronic administration support, cloud computing, drafting alternative approaches and actions and cost-benefit modelling.

Information is shared at workshops with individual companies as well as through expert discussions addressing issues common to different companies. A modern training room is available for the program, fitted with state-of-the-art IT for approx. 40 participants as well as an additional facility for conferences, workshops and courses equipped with the full range of presentation technology. Both rooms are also available to hire for non-project-related events, subject to availability.



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