The project ETARA (Entwicklungs- und Testzentrum für Automatisierung, Robotik und Automotive - Development and test center for automation, robotics and automotive) sets out to create an infrastructure for the development and testing of software for automation and test systems and use this as a basis for technology transfer in collaboration with industrial partners in the sectors mentioned. For this purpose, Rapid Control Prototyping tools are used to support the common target systems in the various areas of application. In addition to universally applicable lab systems (e.g. dSPACE), the hardware for the defined spectrum of industrial target systems is also provided. The project also involves setting up and operating facilities for test automation as well as a number of model control paths.

Based on a uniform platform, the infrastructure is intended to allow for a high level of diversity in terms of future project applications. Prospective areas of interest will be sector-specific applications for automation technology, robotics and automotive technology and the development of new strategies for the hardware-in-the-loop test - for example Evolutionary Testing, which allows intensive system testing to be carried out based on a minimum amount of predefined test cases.

Because of its modular structure, the technological equipment for this infrastructure to be purchased using investment funds will also be suitable for use in other projects within the sectors mentioned. The results generated from this infrastructure will provide a foundation on which to demonstrate the university's expertise in the relevant areas and also acquire new search subsidies.




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