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13.09.2017 By: Prof. Dr. Renate Link

Third round of Summer German Intensive Courses with a lot of Asian flair

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Between the 7th and the 31st of August 2017, two four-week German intensive courses took place at Aschaffenburg UAS during the lecture-free period. As in the previous year, a beginners‘ and an advanced course were offered, which were open to incoming students of Aschaffenburg UAS and to non-student adult learners such as interns, employees, expatriates, holidaymakers and visitors to Aschaffenburg.

Around 20 participants  from China, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, the Czech Republic and the USA did not only deepen their German language skills this August but, thanks to the newly introduced social programme, also learned a lot about the country and the people. In addition to get-to-know games and a guided tour through Aschaffenburg, the students experienced a boat tour on the Main River, an excursion to Frankfurt and a visit to the Aschaffenburg beer museum. Besides, the participants independently organised a spontaneous barbecue on the banks of the Main River. On the last day of the lesson, both courses visited Johannisburg Castle and the Pompejanum together, thus learning a lot about Aschaffenburg’s history.

The Vice Head of the Language Centre of Aschaffenburg UAS and course initiator Prof. Dr. Renate Link was delighted to see that the third round has attracted so many students from the Asian partner universities of the HAB; in addition to a total of six Japanese students (who travelled to Aschaffenburg for the duration of intensive courses only) from the current and future partner institutes of Aschaffenburg UAS in Hiroshima and Kitami, for the first time also two Japanese and South Korean incoming students had decided to kick off their year abroad in Aschaffenburg by taking part in the intensive courses. While the two incoming students from Japan originate from Hiroshima Shudo University, their two South Korean fellow-students come from Sungshin University in Seoul – a partner institution acquired as well by professor Link for Aschaffenburg UAS.


More information and registration (from spring 2018) for the next round of the summer courses in 2018 can be found at www.h-ab.de/learngerman.

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