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Visitors from the partner institution in Turku

On October 11th and 12th 2017, Dr Juha Kontio, Lic Tech Anne Norström, and Dr Juha Kääriä from Turku University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland paid a visit to Aschaffenburg UAS. They discussed future challenges for both institutions as well as further possibilities for cooperation, especially in the field of engineering. Apart from the University Executive Board, professors from both faculties participated in the meetings as well.

The guests visited various laboratories and research projects on both the Aschaffenburg Campus and the Obernburg branch campus. They were very impressed by the lab equipment as well as the quantity and diversity of research activities at our university.

The partner institution in Turku has got about 10,000 students. Degree programmes and research focus on renewable energies, materials, resource efficiency, and e-health. 

Both institutions cooperate since 2011 within the Erasmus programme and observe a growing interest among students for a semester abroad in Finland, respectively Germany. Since 2016, they offer a double degree in the field of international sales. In the on-going academic year, about 14 students from Aschaffenburg study in Turku, vice versa five students from Turku are in Aschaffenburg at the moment. 

Turku, the former capital of Finland, has got approximately 190,000 inhabitants and is situated in the prosperous Southwest of the country. The region hosts various notable Germany companies. In the following years, plenty of new jobs will be created, especially for engineers